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Architecture, Engineering, And Construction
Architecture, Engineering, And Construction

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Geo-plus offers a broad selection of Software which will further assist you in rendering your work easier.

Point Cloud Processing Software

VisionLidar is a high-performance point cloud processing software known for its efficiency in handling large datasets. It provides advanced visualization tools, including spherical image overlays on lidar data, enhancing data exploration. Automated processing features like noise reduction, classification, and feature extraction improve productivity. VisionLidar utilizes cutting-edge technology, including deep learning for semantic segmentation, allowing customized model creation. With applications in 3D modeling, surveying, and mapping, VisionLidar is a powerful and flexible solution suitable for professionals and enthusiasts dealing with large point clouds.

Web Point Cloud Sharing Platform

VisionLidar365 excels in 3D mapping, providing detailed visualizations for mining, geological surveys, and civil engineering. It delivers high-quality, precise data through advanced algorithms, perfect for complex projects. Automation streamlines mapping and surveying, saving time and reducing errors. Its high customizability caters to diverse industries, making it a versatile tool. Despite its advanced capabilities, VisionLidar365 remains user-friendly with an intuitive interface, accommodating users of varying technical expertise.

Mask & Blur Sensitive Data

VisionBlurring prioritizes privacy protection, offering an advanced solution to mask and blur sensitive data within spherical images. This cutting-edge software ensures compliance with privacy laws, upholding confidentiality while sharing immersive experiences. Seamlessly integrated with VisionLidar and VisionLidar365, it streamlines data processing and privacy management, enhancing workflow efficiency. VisionBlurring automates privacy tasks, swiftly identifying and concealing private information, saving valuable time and effort. Trust VisionBlurring for efficient, precise, and automated privacy management, enabling a secure and connected workflow.

Create Digital Models from Point Clouds

VisionBim revolutionizes building digitization by enabling users to create BIM elements directly on point clouds, including walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors, enhancing productivity. It offers seamless interoperability with the IFC exchange format, complying with BIM design software like Revit, BricsCad, and ArchiCad. Users experience a significant boost in productivity, saving at least 50% of typical processing time, thanks to rapid viewing, AI-driven point cloud organization, and integration with REVIT and ArchiCAD.

Manage Your Land Survey Records

VisionDoc, the document management software, simplifies file normalization to professional standards, eliminating manual adjustments and errors. It automates this critical process, allowing professionals to focus on core tasks, ensuring seamless, error-free workflows. With an array of automation tools, it optimizes land survey record and document management, streamlining processes and saving valuable time. Trusted by various industries, including appraisers, mining companies, and civil engineers, VisionDoc provides efficient data storage and tracking across multiple directories. Whether archiving records, tracking projects, or managing complex files, VisionDoc ensures organization and control over valuable data.

Professional Networking Showcase Platform

VisionExpertise is your gateway to showcasing your professional expertise effortlessly, making it easy for potential clients to discover your exceptional services. This tool, suitable for architects, engineers, surveyors, and more, allows you to stand out in your industry. With cutting-edge geolocation technology, VisionExpertise ensures clients can easily find local experts, enhancing convenience for both parties. Additionally, it fosters collaboration among professionals, creating a community for sharing ideas, exploring partnerships, and expanding networks. This platform opens doors to growth, innovation, and collective success in your field.

Time – Land – Lots

VisionTTL is a specialized office management solution for Land Surveyors, aiding in efficient time management for you and your team. It incorporates messaging and project management tools for seamless organization and collaboration, fostering connectivity and alignment. Beyond time management, VisionTTL assists with registry management, georeferencing work, lot classification, and deadline adherence, enhancing overall productivity and on-time project completion.

Powerful Use Cases that made our Software Solutions rise to the top!

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VisionLidar Case

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VisionLidar 365 Case

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VisionBim Case

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Who is Geo-Plus

Geo-Plus has been a pioneer in Innovative Software Technologies for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) software market since 1987, with the purpose to change the sector. Thousands of clients worldwide have benefited from the company’s expertise over the years as it has provided cutting-edge goods and services.

What makes
Geo-Plus different

Geo-Plus, a pioneer in AEC software since 1987, offers the cutting-edge Vision Suite. With over 16 integrated solutions for 3D measurements, structures, geometry, and more, it empowers infrastructure experts. Our crown jewels, VisionLidar and VisionLidar 365, lead in LiDAR and point cloud technology. Geo-Plus combines top-quality software with stellar customer service, making it a global leader. Transforming the AEC sector, Geo-Plus and the Vision Suite drive innovation, growth, and client success. Follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

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