“We are very pleased to have Servicios Geomáticos SpA join us as a new reseller. With a deep knowledge of the Chile market, they really know how to bring the best information technology solutions to their clients. Together, we will be able to bring our joint customers to the next level and provide them with the best service possible,” says Wilfrid Beaupré, president of Geo-Plus.

About Servicios Geomáticos SpA

Founded in 2018 to bring all the latest geospatial technologies to Chile and the Region. A team of professionals with extensive experience in Geomatics, Topography, Cartography and Geodesy with a passion in geosciences, technology, and excellence in service, which allows us to offer our clients precise and innovative technical solutions. We characterize ourselves by providing a serious and punctual service that satisfies the requirements of our clients.

We have a deep knowledge of the Chilean market and we always strive to provide solutions that are directly compatible, scalable and cost-effective, whilst at the same time providing all the latest technological trends from around the world.

We have built a large international partner network that allows us to choose the right solution for your project. Whether it’s instrumentation for underground drilling equipment, Maritime positioning, laser scanning an industrial site, collecting GIS data, interpreting satellite imagery or flying a UAV survey, we have the right tools to get the job done.

Servicios Geomáticos SpA offers a range of software and hardware applications to help you manage your business and improve your workflows – saving you time and money while minimizing errors! From Rail track Systems, Precision Agriculture, Archeology, mapping out your next big construction or renovation project or better managing your inventory while cutting back on wastage, Servicios Geomáticos SpA has the perfect set of tools and services to suit your needs and your budget.

To learn more about Servicios Geomáticos SpA , visit their website at https://serviciosgeomaticos.cl/

About Geo-Plus

Since the beginning of the business in 1987, Geo-Plus, a leader in the Canadian software technology market in AEC, installed more than 55 000 licences of its innovative Vision suite. The leading-edge software products are used by thousands of clients around the world and include more than 16 3D measurements, 3D structure, geometry, cadastre and document management software related to the territories and are fully integrated with AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft® and Bricscad® platforms. Geo-plus stands out for its premium technical support, its modular development approach, its innovative software solutions and its affordable annual maintenance.

To learn more about Geo-Plus, visit its website at www.Geo-Plus.com