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Geo-Plus Distributors | RESELLER PARTNERSHIP
Geo-Plus Distributors | RESELLER PARTNERSHIP

Further info on the Geo-Plus Reseller Partnership

Accordingly, we take pride in our network of distributors who are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the industry and strive to bring a high level of excellence to the work they do.

Therefore, by joining the Geo-Plus distributors network, you will have the chance to be a part of our mission to drive the geospatial industry forward and make a difference in the lives of your clients.

North America Distributors

United States – Novedge LLC
as well as ToPa 3D
and Paracosm
Canada – Halltech Environmental inc
as well as Jakarto and
On-Point Solutions

South America Distributors

Chile – Servicios Geomáticos
Ecuador– Sequis Proyectos
Peru – Romulea Teledetección

Europe Distributors

Azerbaijan– Rubikon Geosystems
Belgium– BeCAD
France– Evidence Info
Sweden– Satlab Geosolutions AB
Switzerland– Geozone AG

Africa Distributors

Ivory Coast – Modelis Tech
Cameroon – GMC Informatique
South Africa – ARCHI-TECH

Asia Distributors

Nepal – Engineering Platform Ltd
India – Paragon Instrumentation Engineers
as well as TerraDrone
Malaysia -ICAD Solutions
Intec Marketing Services SDN. BHD.
China – Qast Software Solutions

as well as Ambit Geospatial Solution
Taiwan – Linkfast
Russia – Softline
South Korea – Woorim Tech
Singapore – Kodi Engineering Services Pte Ltd
as well as Satlab Geosolutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Thailand – Mappointasia
Vietnam – Truetech

Still need help to be part of our Distributors network?

Get in touch with our business development department so you can get the assistance you need in a fly.

You can equally fill the form to join the Geo-Plus Reseller network

At Geo-Plus, we are always on the lookout for new and talented distributors who eventually share our passion for innovation and providing exceptional services to our clients. If you’re interested in joining our team of Geo-Plus Distributors, we significantly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and fill out the form below.

So, don’t miss out on this exciting chance to take your company to the next level and join the Geo-Plus Distributors network today!

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