Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce the release of the 2022 VisionLidar.

Several new features are now available:

  • New Format (2022) compatible with the VisionLidar 365 a Geo-plus secured Web platform for point cloud solutions.
  • Simplified project creation interface allowing “Drag and Drop” of raw files.
  • Progress bar implemented for Deep Learning classification, for better tracking of the progression for the overall process.
  • Fully compatible with LAS 1.4 and with its 256 classes.


To see all the new features, you can access the online Release Notes.

Access the online Installation Guide.

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Do you need to uninstall or simply update your software?

If you have a 2021 or earlier version, we strongly recommend to uninstall.

Your version of VisionLidar is: Ultimate

We also recommend that you uninstall VisionCivil 2021 and previous versions.


Have you thought about asking for your network license?

If you are a VisionLidar user with a network license, please make sure to ask for your license before your installation.  You may contact our support team for technical assistance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions during the installation of your software or to give us feedback on all the new features of VisionLidar.

Your opinion is very important to us.