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VisionLidar is an advanced point cloud / LiDAR processing software that offers a wide range of features for professionals and industry specialists.

High-performance processing with VisionLidar

VisionLidar the point cloud processing software can process large datasets quickly and efficiently, making it an ideal choice for professionals who need to work with large point cloud projects.

Advanced visualization using VisionLidar

The software offers a wide range of visualization options, including spherical images overlaid on lidar data using a powerful 3D viewer, that allow users to explore and analyze their point clouds with ease.

Automated processing with VisionLidar

VisionLidar comes equipped with a variety of automated processing tools that assist users in saving time and increasing productivity. These tools include features for noise reduction, classification, and feature extraction.

VisionLidar High end technology

VisionLidar is at the cutting edge of technology and applies semantic segmentation (classification) using deep learning. You can create your own models tailored to your sensors and specific needs.

VisionLidar can be used for creating 3D models, surveying, and mapping applications, among other LiDAR applications.

Overall, VisionLidar is a powerful and flexible point cloud software that offers a range of advanced features suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts. If you need to work with large point clouds and are looking for a high-performance and customizable solution, VisionLidar is a great choice.

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VisionLidar the LiDAR processing software with features that change the face of the industry!

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Experience seamless point cloud processing with powerful tools such as Deep Learning classification, volume calculation or comparative analysis between two point clouds or between a surface and a point cloud. Add to this, our automated tools for break lines or edges detection, poles, or trees (including diameter at breast height DBP, crown, height of the top etc.) or also linear pavement marking and guardrails. For those who are familiar with the CAD environment, use our Ultimate version and get connected to your favorite platform and take advantage of our virtual surveying tools that use industry standards. Easily export your data to multiple formats such as GeoJson, Kml, Mapinfo, Dxf, Csv, LandXML. Improve the interpretation of your environment by using spherical images (360) directly in our 3D interface. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, explore your point cloud data with ease and accuracy.

You can always push your limits by sharing your data and point clouds while collaborating with your customers by using our online platform VisionLidar 365.

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    CAD Platforms

    VisionLidar Point Cloud Analysis usage with Bentley

    MicroStation Connect

    VisionLidar Point Cloud Analysis usage with Autodesk

    AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Civil 3D Version 2017 to 2022 64-bit

    VisionLidar Point Cloud Analysis usage with bricsys

    BricsCAD V21 & V22 64-bit

    Operating System

    WINDOWS 10 & 11 / 64 BIT

    Graphic Cards

    NVIDIA® GPU with CUDA® architectures / 6GB+

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