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About Geo-Plus | Innovative Software Technologies
About Geo-Plus | Innovative Software Technologies
Discover Geo-Plus – Cutting-Edge Software solutions made for land and professionals of buildings, roads, power lines (infrastructure) etc.

Who is Geo-Plus

Geo-Plus has been a pioneer in Innovative Software Technologies for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) software market since 1987, with the purpose to change the sector. Thousands of clients worldwide have benefited from the company’s expertise over the years as it has provided cutting-edge goods and services.

The Vision Suite: A Cutting-Edge Software Solution

The Vision Suite is a Geo-Plus product that includes over 16 Cutting-Edge 3D measurements, 3D structures, geometry, cadastre, and document management Software solutions for infrastructure experts. Most of our applications are fully integrated with  AutoCAD®, Map3D®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft® and Bricscad® platforms.

However, the crown jewel of Geo-Plus’ offerings is its Cutting-Edge LiDAR software and Web-based Point Cloud sharing platform, VisionLidar and VisionLidar 365, which represent the cutting-edge of CAD/GIS technology.

Identically, Geo-Plus continues to lead the way in CAD/GIS technology, providing infrastructure professionals with the tools they need to grow in their sector indeed. Users may easily improve their work processes, boost efficiency, and get precise outcomes using the Vision Suite.

Generally, Geo-Plus’s success has been driven by the combination of high quality software and customer service.

Geo-Plus has established itself as a global leader in the AEC software market by providing clients with the tools they need to succeed as well as great customer service.

Finally, Geo-Plus and its Vision Suite are transforming the AEC sector by providing infrastructure experts with the tools they need to grow in their area, as well as the customer support required for long-term success. Geo-Plus is a firm that is here to stay due to its promise to innovation and client satisfaction

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What makes Geo-Plus different

Our promise to providing custom solutions and great customer service sets us apart in the AEC software market. Additionally, our regular participation in events worldwide gives clients the opportunity to learn more about our products and have their questions answered in person.

Geo-Plus Outstanding technical support

Our unique, continued after-sales support and our quick response time allow us to meet the specific requests of each client.

Modular Development Approach at Geo-Plus

Our flexible approach to modular software development allows us to provide solutions tailored to every client’s needs.

Innovative Software Technologies at Geo-Plus

Over the years, our market has certainly evolved along with our product line. Geo-Plus offers an innovative, reliable and comprehensive Suite of software or applications throughout America and worldwide – the Vision suite.

Geo-Plus Affordable Annual Maintenance

With our subscription plans particularly, our clients don’t have to worry about renewing their maintenance contract.  It’s included!

Geo-Plus Services

Geo-plus offers a broad selection of services which will further assist you in rendering your work easier & overall more effective.

Innovative Software Technologies from Geo-Plus to employees

Software Implementation

Geo-Plus can help you through the stages of implementation of geomatics projects which includes:

– Feasibility Study
– Master plan design
– Inventory of documents and spatial data
– Modeling and structure of data used in the descriptive files
– Creating information systems of spacial references

Innovative Software Technologies board room

Training Programs

Furthermore, Geo-Plus conveniently offers training programs adapted to a client’s schedule and availability in four different ways:

– Live through the internet
– At our head office
– At the client’s offices
– In an academic institution

Notably, all our training programs are recognized by the professional associations of Land Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects, and Real Estate Appraisers.

Geo-Plus software showing coordinates


Generally, this service is provided to the users of VisionDoc, VisionTTL, VisionCarto and VisionExpertise, as well as the users of our land document management software and users of our land document publishing applications. However, the entire client’s data is inserted into the software database with accuracy.

Geo-Plus support employee

Software Maintenance

Our maintenance plans include both support and updates. However, we are always ready and willing to respond to our customers’ questions and to enable you to achieve success using our software.

Still need help?

Get in touch with our business development department to get the assistance you need in a fly.

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