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COGO and Land Surveying Calculation software independent of any drawing platform. All the tools you need to calculate your projects in a single application


Reports to track every operation performed on your data. Note manager for qualifying your points


VisionCogo offers dynamic adjustments using the least-squares, transit, and compass methods, and allows for the application of a combined scale factor. It also allows for easy conversion of file formats and includes a Pcode concordance table.

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With its advanced features and intuitive interface, VisionCogo is the perfect choice for any professional looking to improve their efficiency and accuracy. Whether you’re a land surveyor, civil engineer, or governmental body, VisionCogo is the ideal tool for all your Cogo needs.

VisionCogo – A Look at its Capabilities

The Powerful COGO & Land Surveying Calculation Solution

VisionCogo Parcel Manager

Manage and draw parcels from points, lines, poly-lines, labels bearings and distances.Legal descriptions are automatically created from parcels with custom models.

VisionCogo Notes Management

Manage your notes and attach them to elements contained in your drawing: (points, lines, buildings, etc…) These notes can be in any format: (picture, text, url, etc…)

VisionCogo Dynamic Adjustments

Compensate polygons, segments, curves and coordinates by the least-squares, transit and compass methods. Apply the combined scale-factor on dimensions to compensate for the earth’s curvature

VisionCogo Conversions

Easily convert a file format to another. Ex: “Conversion / ASK to MDB” for a Pcode or a chain of Pcodes from the fieldwork.

VisionCogo PCODE Concordance Table

Import or export the Pcode table from a project. Include the Pcode concordance table in the configuration when copying a configuration in a legal file.

VisionCogo Fieldbook Import & Export

Control and manage data collectors from importing and exporting to managing the lineworks and points using desired standards.

Companies that trust our COGO Software, VisionCogo

Our COGO software is trusted by leading companies in various industries. By using our software, these companies have been able to reduce errors, increase efficiency and improve overall performance. Learn more about the companies that have put their trust in us and the results they’ve seen.

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