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The Professional Land Surveying Software with outstanding features that integrates with the CAD platform that you are actually using!

VisionPlus, the cutting-edge professional land surveying software from Geo-Plus, is designed to empower surveyors with exceptional features and seamless integration into leading CAD platforms. This powerful solution centralizes survey project data, including research, decision-making, and reports, while delivering accurate, high-quality outputs. With VisionPlus, surveyors can confidently verify results, ensuring the utmost precision in their work.

The software streamlines the layout process, enabling faster and more accurate drawings from field data, optimizing time and efficiency across all surveying operations. VisionPlus stands as the go-to choice for surveyors, providing a robust toolset to enhance productivity, accuracy, and collaboration in their survey projects.

Empowering surveyors with precision and efficiency. VisionPlus – your trusted land surveying software.

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Why Choose our Software

VisionPlus Integrates into BricsCAD®, AutoCAD®, Microstation®, PowerDraft®, and helps to automatically draw all the information from plots, segments, annotation distances, directions, as well as areas representing sinuous rivers.

Parcel managem nt with VisionPlus

Allows to automatically create parcels from survey points or from existing drafts.

Building siting using VisionPlus

Place, move, and rotate building footprints inside a parcel with ease while respecting the chosen constraints.

Surface management with VisionPlus

Helps create, edit, and triangulate surfaces by allowing to select points and breaklines.

Complex volumes with VisionPlus

Offers four methods for calculating volumes: by comparing surfaces, comparing planes, cross-sections and solids.

Fieldbook import/export using VisionPlus

Control and manage data collectors from importing and exporting to managing the linework using desired standards.

Linework with VisionPlus

Brings linework from the field to the drawing using its powerful chain manager.

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