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changing the face of the industry since 1987
changing the face of the industry since 1987

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18 Software at your service, Empowering Your World with Innovation!

Explore our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge software solutions, VisionSuite, meticulously designed to bring innovation and efficiency to various industries. Geo-Plus has been at the forefront of innovative software technologies since 1987, offering a wide range of tools for applications spanning architecture, engineering, construction, land surveying, and beyond. Discover how our software can enhance your productivity, accuracy, and overall efficiency, whether you’re working in AEC or other diverse fields


Point Cloud Processing Software

Empowers professionals to harness AI especially Deep Learning for advanced classification and data analysis.

VisionLidar 365

Web Point Cloud Sharing Platform

Securely Broadcast, Manage, Explore and Exploit your Point Cloud data with colleagues and clients.


Public Data Privacy Software

Enhances data security with advanced blurring technology for Flat or Spherical images, ensuring privacy without compromising usability.


Point Cloud to BIM Software

Bridge the gap between as built Scans to a Bim architecture format compatible with buildingSMART international standards.

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VisionCadastre Pro

Cadastral Software

Master land data management with VisionCadastre Pro. Your all-in-one solution for creating and editing all your OCTR deliverables.


Web platform for publishing & sharing cartographic data

Easily integrate geospatial data from a variety of sources onto one or more maps to better understand the world of today and tomorrow.

VisionCivil Pro

Civil Engineering Software

Software for all types of project (planning, surveying, civil engineering), from field surveys to uncompromising deliverables.

VisionCivil LT

Land Surveying Add On

Efficient civil engineering add on built for surveyors, enhancing workflow
and data precision.


Cogo Software

Empowers land surveyors with efficient and precise COGO tools for streamlined land projects.


Document Management Software

Effective document management and seamless collaboration
to streamline project workflows.

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Professional Networking Showcase Platform

Elevate your professional network. Showcase your expertise and connect with like-minded professionals.


Cadastral Renovation Tool

Simplify cadastral renovation with powerful tools. Enhance efficiency and accuracy in land management.


Land Surveying Mobile Software

Your comprehensive field data collection companion. Empower your team with a mobile powerhouse.


Land Surveying Software

Elevate your surveying and land development projects to new levels of productivity and precision.

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Cadastral Renovation Software

Empower cadastral renovation with our specialized software. Enhance land management efficiency.


Linear Referencing Software

App that give the tools you need to locate yourself at the right LRS on the road map for your inventory.


Terrain Survey Tool Software

Navigate the complexities of land terrain effortlessly.
Simplify your land-based projects.


Land Surveyor Management Software

Efficiently manage land surveying tasks with our dedicated software. Optimize your land surveying operations.

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A big thank you to our valued customers; nationwide and worldwide who have been working with us over the years. Thank you for your trust.

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