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Geo-Plus is the leader in LiDAR & Point Cloud technology, Surveying, and Civil Engineering software. We turn reality into visionary projects, serving Architects, Engineers, and Construction pros worldwide.


Point Cloud Processing Software

VisionLidar 365

Web Point Cloud Sharing Platform


Automation Of Surveying Process

VisionCivil Pro

The Most Efficient Civil Engineering Tool

VisionCadastre Pro

Update Your Cadastral Plans


A Powerful COGO Calculator


Reference your Objects to Linear Paths

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Geo-Plus Vision Suite has been scanning earth since 1987.

Our Vision Suite software includes more than 18 3D-measurement, 3D-structure, geometry, cadastre and document management solutions for infrastructure professionals.

Most of our applications are fully integrated with AutoCAD®, Map3D®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, and Bricscad® platforms. Our line of solutions is consistently at the cutting edge of CAD/GIS technology.

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Geo-Plus Software

Simple data sharing between software to speed up your workflow.

Find Geo-Plus at Exhibitions & Events

Meet with us to get detailed presentation about the LiDAR software, have your questions about the BIM approach answered, attend workshops about our wide range of products, and so much more.


Address: Montréal Convention Center – Booth 15
Date: October 18-19 2023


Address: Berlin Germany – Booth e27.54
Date: October 10-12 2023

Commercial UAV Expo

Address: Vegas USA – Booth 747
Date: September 5-7 2023

FIG Working Week

Address: Florida USA – Booth 502
Date: May 28 – June 1st 2023

BIM World

Address: Paris France – Booth B40
Date: April 5-6 2023

Geo Week

Address: Denver USA – Booth 626
Date: February 13-15 2023


Address: Essen Germany – Booth B3.082
Date: October 18-20 2022

53e OAGQ

Address: Hotel Sheraton Laval – Quebec
Date: September 22-24 2022

Commercial UAV Expo

Address: Vegas USA – Booth 922
Date: September 6-8 2022

BIM World

Address: Paris France
Date: April 5-6 2022


Address: Denver USA
Date: February 6-8 2022


Address: Berlin Germany
Date: October 13-15 2020


Address: Anaheim California – USA
Date: June 3-5 2020


Address: Washington – USA
Date: March 23-25 2020


Address: Stuttgart Germany – Booth 304
Date: September 17-19 2019

ESRI User Conference

Address: San Diego – California USA
Date: July 8-12 2019

Spar 3D

Address: Anaheim – California USA
Date: May 21-23 2019

Hanoi Working Week

Address: Hanoi Vietnam
Date: April 22-26 2019

Geo-Plus’ Latest News & Updates

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Geo-Plus and geomatics.... Science of truth and accuracy

Geo-Plus and Geomatics… The science of “truth and accuracy”

Geomatics has always been a science of “truth and accuracy” containing a set of geographic techniques. But it has mainly evolved technically and strategically.

Geo-Plus story article, history of lidar tech

A short story about LiDAR technology from Geo-Plus

While many believe that LiDAR technology only recently appeared, it was actually created in the 1960s, a little bit shortly after the invention of the laser.

Geo-Plus and the power of LiDAR through VisionLidar

Exploring the Power and Potential of LiDAR by Geo-Plus

LiDAR is a 3D mapping technology using lasers. VisionLidar is a software for processing and analyzing LiDAR data in real-time with advanced features for data analysis.

Geo-Plus Lidar article, how to choose

How to choose the right LiDAR for your needs from Geo-Plus

There are basically only two main categories of LiDAR. The first one is the airborne type and the second one is the terrestrial type… This article explains it all!

Some of Geo-Plus’ Customers

A big thank you to our valued customers; nationwide and worldwide who have been working with us over the years. Thank you for your trust.

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